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6 Steps to Hire a Junk Removal Company in Pittsburgh PA

Get Movin’ Moving & Storage does Pittsburgh PA Cleanouts

As a child, did you have a family member who had a room with boxes of stuff from bygone years? Better yet, were you allowed to go into that space and explore to your heart’s content?  Did you make up creative stories about days-gone-by and people you, perhaps, had never met?  If so, then those times are likely favorite childhood memories.  In Pittsburgh PA cleanouts and junk removal don’t haul away the memories– just the junk.

Pittsburgh PA Cleanout Junk

Now that you are an adult, you’ll find yourself faced with cleaning out that same space (or perhaps one like it) full of boxes, baskets, trunks, and wardrobes.  You may not have the same excitement as you did with childhood stories.  Rather, you may be looking for a solution to remove these “treasures” quickly and without needing to provide all the muscle and moving equipment.  Get Movin’ Moving and Storage helps with that task.

So, how do you find a reputable company to haul away unwanted things in your basement or attic?  Here are a few things to help you decide:

Preparations for Pittsburgh PA Cleanouts and Pittsburgh PA Junk Removal


  • Ponder a budget. – Know what you are willing to spend before you get started.  Accordingly, if you budget, the hunt for your ideal junk removal service helps you narrow down the choices.  Moreover, recognize upfront, there may be concessions made based on your budget, for what you will be able to have done.
  • Do some homework. – Look up any companies that sound promising.  Read reviews about them.  As you look, compile your own list of questions or concerns.  Ask them when you speak with a company representative.
  • Check their reputation. – Find out their standing on the Better Business Bureau, industry association(s), the local Chamber of Commerce, Yelp, and other locations.  Check where a company’s reputation and service can be reviewed or graded.  Get Movin’ Moving & Storage is the online name for Kissel Moving & Storage.  They’ve in business for 46 years with an A+ BBB RatingYou can’t get better than that.
  • Find what equipment they provide. – Does the company provide the equipment- boxes, tape, dollies, handcarts, etc. to get your unwanted items out of your space?  The necessary items may vary.  Likewise, be sure the company you hire has what’s needed for the job.  Plus, with the right equipment, the job gets done faster.  In the case of Get Movin’ Moving and Storage, they arrive on site, do the cleanout, load the truck, and haul it away for you.
  • Be protected. – Just because you don’t want the items in the space any longer doesn’t mean you don’t need to protect your home.  Only hire a company that is fully licensed and insured.  Get Movin’ services for Pittsburgh PA Cleanouts (and the surrounding area) are professionally licensed and insured.
  • What is their recycling policy? – Just because you no longer want those items doesn’t mean that they are unusable.  Many junk removal companies will bring your stuff to donation centers, scrappers, and recycling locations.  After all, you may not want to simply throw everything into the local landfill.

Wrapping Up the Haul Away

If you are in Pennsylvania and find yourself looking for a team of professional movers, consider the Get Movin’ crew.  Get Movin’ provides Pittsburgh PA Cleanouts in Allegheny County and the surrounding metro area.  They have the experience and equipment needed to clean out that attic, basement, or room so you can utilize that space the way you want.  When you need cleanouts near Pittsburgh PA, whether it’s office cleanouts or residential property cleanouts, Get Movin’ is the professional, licensed and insured junk removal company to call – even if it is merely to make storage space for your current belongings rather than those from the past.