Declutter for Peace-of-Mind

Junk Cleanout: Getting in the Right Mindset —

Have you ever noticed that you think clearer when your surroundings are organized?  There’s a direct correlation between clutter and anxiety.  And when people are in the middle of chaos, their thoughts get clouded.  The moral of the story: Clutter causes stress.  Junk Cleanout is the solution.

You don’t need more stress in your life.  It’s bad for your blood pressure.  Likewise, it’s bad for your mood and emotional well-being.  If you’re emotionally attached to your “stuff”, you likely procrastinate in disposing of it.  But think of it this way:  Your “stuff” won’t miss you when it’s gone… and you won’t miss it.  Yet, as with any relationship, breaking up is hard to do.

Attic Cleanouts in Pittsburgh, PA

Perhaps your clutter is out-of-sight, out-of-mind, as the saying goes.  If you’ve packed your attic (or basement) with remnants of your past, the dreaded hassle of revisiting dusty memories isn’t fun.  Actually, there are many reasons you might legitimately be avoiding junk cleanout of attics, basements, garages, etc:

      • Physical limitations of climbing or lifting
      • Health concerns from dust
      • Time restraints and your busy schedule
      • and the list goes on.

One thing is for sure, though: If there’s a will, there’s a way.  The first step in reducing your stress and eliminating clutter is your decision to do so.  Get in the right mindset, and the rest of the task becomes easier.

Start Decluttering by Picking Low-Hanging Fruit FIRST

Dispose of junk by yard sale, donation, or disposalOnce you’ve decided to declutter and simplify, begin your junk cleanout project with a simple “A” or “B” choice: “KEEP”, or “GET RID OF”.  There will always be valuable or sentimental items you’ll keep.  But you’ll find many furnishings and household items have lost their appeal.  Make two piles.  The “Keep” pile can be neatly organized and put away.  Handle the “Get Rid Of” pile one of three ways: Sell, Donate, or Dispose.

Whether you sell your stuff at a yard sale or donate it to charity, you’re helping someone in need.  The rest of it is “junk”, so dispose of it accordingly.  Put it by the roadside for trash pickup, or if there’s enough of it, take it to the dump.

A trip to the dump may sound like the best choice.  If you opt for the dump, you’ll need a truck or trailer to haul it, and the dump will charge a fee to accept your load of junk.  Dumps usually charge by the pound.  Keep that in mind if your load includes heavy furniture or appliances.

PLAN B: Have Someone Dispose of it FOR You

Hauling Junk to the Dump | Junk Cleanout in Pittsburgh PAMake it easy on yourself.  Why break your back lifting and hauling junk yourself if you can hire a team of professionals to do it?  You’ll pay for disposal either way: hauling junk to the dump yourself, or hiring a junk removal company.  Perhaps you think hiring junk removal is more expensive.  Not always.  If you hire the right company, you might even save money rather than doing it yourself.

Many junk removal companies sort the items and recycle or sell salvageable material for scrap.  What does this mean for you?  It’s effortless pickup and removal on your part.  After all, the company does the heavy lifting, the junk cleanout, and the take-away.  Consequently, since they know they’ll offset the dumping costs with salvage sales, they may charge you even less money than if you hauled your own load.  It’s a win-win for all involved.  You don’t have to do the work, and you could end up paying less by having it done for you.  On the other hand, the junk removal company works and earns money.

With attic and basement relics behind you, you’ll have peace-of-mind and lower stress.  Likewise, you’ll have more room to enjoy your life.  As a result, you can get on with your “happy-happy” life.  Get rid of your junk, lose the emotional attachment, and live uncluttered!

Call us if you need help with the task.  In the Greater Pittsburgh area, we provide moving, storage, cleanout and hauling services.  As we’ve shown, junk removal is easy.  We do the heavy lifting.  You reap the benefits.  And likewise, if you need more tips, keep reading our blog.  Along with junk cleanouts, our full-service moving & storage can help you stay organized!