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Tables and chairs and couches- oh my!  If you are recently-and perhaps unexpectedly- facing the task of cleaning out a loved one’s home, then it’s possible you are looking at a plethora of furniture for which you have no use.  It may be kitchen items, bedroom furniture, loveseats, couches, or any other pieces.  But no matter what the items are, determining what to keep and what to toss can feel like a gargantuan task!  After all, what do you do with enough furniture to set up more than one household?  Get Movin’ assists with Pittsburgh PA cleanouts in the Allegheny County area.

Sure, you can set aside pieces you know you can use in your own home. Or, perhaps, you have a vacation home that needs some extra bedding or seats.  But, then what?  If you are going through a household where the owners have passed, deciding what to do with the things left behind is tough.  Here are a few questions to ask yourself.  They’ll help your decision-making process.

Deciding What Furniture to Keep or Toss

Pittsburgh PA Estate CleanoutAt Get Moving Storage in Allegheny County, PA we work with people every day who have had to go through a loved one’s home and empty it out.

  • Is it easily moved? For example, if the large pie safe is going to take a large cart and 4 people to move it to a new home, it might be easier to simply sell and let someone else deal with it. (You should let them know that moving it could be a challenge.)
  • Will a piece work in your existing home? If not, move on to someone/where else.
  • Does it have sentimental value? If the memories of dinner around that table matter, but you don’t have somewhere in your home for the table, consider asking another family member to store it for you.
  • How old is it and in what condition? A 10 year of recliner that has been stained but is still comfortable can be reupholstered. But if that same recliner doesn’t recline or tilts sidewise you will probably want to pass on it.
  • Can you repurpose it? You might not need that old dresser for clothes, but a coat of paint and some updated knobs might make it perfect for your craft room or kitchen.

Disposing of the Pieces You Don’t Keep

When you determine what to keep and what to toss, how will you remove and dispose of the “toss” items?
Here are a few suggestions:

  • Contact Get Movin Storage to haul everything away for you.
  • Donate it to a local Goodwill.
  • Pass it on to a group that helps people get set up in a new home or a shelter for those in need of refuge.
  • Have a garage sale.
  • Give stuff away via Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist Free Stuff.
  • Put it on the curb with a sign that says “free”.

So, what will you do with those pieces of furniture?  It’s up to you.  But hopefully, these tips and questions will make the process a lot easier.  Having a Pittsburgh PA cleanouts company like Get Movin’ arrive on-site to load and haul it away for you is definitely the easiest option.