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Are You a Pack Rat? Five Telltale Signs

How do you know if you’re a “pack rat”? It’s not exactly a flattering term.  But most of us know someone who seems to collect “junk” for the someday that they might use it.  They’re likely in desperate need of a junk removal service.  Do you fall into the pack rat category, yourself?  Let’s find out.


Telltale Sign #1: Opening Multiple Packages

You open a new package before you’ve completely used up the old one. It can be anything: toilet paper, batteries, a jar of peanut butter, a gallon of milk, a roll of stamps… anything.  With two packages opened, you likely never quite finish the first package, and the collection begins.

Telltale Sign #2: Buying Extras In-Excess

When going to the store with or without a shopping list, you buy more than you know you’ll need, just-in-case. Some items may have expiration dates or be shelf-life-limited, such as groceries, oils, gaskets, etc. But you feel better about having extras on-hand.

Telltale Sign #3: Saving Extra Pieces and Parts

When you buy a DIY piece of furniture that comes with extra screws, nuts and bolts, you save them for later in case they come in handy for something. Over time, you collect an assortment of extra hardware, tools, faceplates, casters, wire, magnets, string, etc. You’re not quite sure what the something might be someday, but you keep the clutter nonetheless.

Telltale Sign #4: Saving Broken Items and Scraps

When repairing items around the house, you keep the broken ones just in case you need a part from it to later repair the new replacement down the road. Likewise, when building a project, you save clippings and scrap wood from what you cut. After all, extra blocks of wood can be used as doorstops, backboards for drilling, fireplace kindling, etc.

Telltale Sign #5: Rationalizing to Avoid a Sense of Loss

Hoarding - Junk Removal Service in Pittsburgh, PA areaYou’ve cleaned out your garage, attic, and basement before.  You disposed of dozens—or hundreds—of old, unused artifacts.  But shortly after the junk removal, you realized that you needed some picture wire.  You know there was a piece in the load of junk you got rid of.  You think, “I knew I should have kept it, and this is exactly the reason why!”  And you conclude, “Never again.  I keep extras for a reason.  From now on, I won’t get caught short-handed.”  You don’t miss the other two-hundred items of junk you cleaned out.  Just the stray piece of picture wire.  But you use the experience to rationalize “pack rat” behavior.

Sure, there’s always a chance that you might find a use for stray parts or extras. And using peanut butter jars for screws, nuts, and other hardware seems more like repurposing, rather than hoarding.  But if collecting as a pack rat becomes the norm, you’ll soon find that you live in a house of hazards.  It can be stressful on family relationship, and your home can become a trip hazard, a fire hazard, etc.  Finding a junk removal service can fix the problem.

Do yourself and your family a big favor: Lose the Junk!  If you find it emotionally stressful (or even painful) to part with the clutter, call a professional.  A licensed, insured junk removal service can clean out your basement, attic and garage junk in surprisingly little time.  And it can be done for relatively little cost, too.  It’s worth it, you’ll see!