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There’s a lot of competition in and around Pittsburgh, PA, for junk cleanout. It seems like anyone with a pickup truck advertises junk removal and junk hauling services. The truth is, many of those operators are working unprotected and uninsured. Some of them may be shady characters. When junk cleanout and disposal is the task-at-hand, you don’t want someone showing up at your door who might present a lawsuit in case of injury, or perhaps be casing your place for an “unannounced and uninvited” visit later.

When it comes to your own protection and peace-of-mind, call a professional junk cleanout and disposal service like Get Movin’ Moving & Storage. We do cleanouts and junk removal quickly, efficiently, cleanly, and professionally. We’re licensed and insured. And we have the proper teams, training, and equipment to do the job properly.

Foreclosure Cleanouts and Eviction Property Cleanouts

Foreclosure and Eviction Cleanout

Foreclosures and evictions can be ugly.  Oftentimes, displaced homeowners and tenants trash the place in a gesture of vengeance or negligence for being kicked out of their home, even though the circumstances warranted it.

Foreclosure cleanouts and eviction cleanouts are necessary because you can’t show a disheveled property for sale or rent. The same is true for real estate investors who want to buy homes to flip them. Typically, there is a lot of junk requiring junk hauling and disposal when flipping property. In order to get top dollar for the real estate sale, real estate property cleanouts are necessary.

Call Get Movin’ Moving & Storage to clean out your foreclosure, clean out your eviction, or clean out your real estate property in the Pittsburgh, PA, area. We are licensed and insured professionals. We will arrive at your location, clean out foreclosure junk or eviction junk, and haul away the cleanout junk fast.

You won’t need to lift a finger. Our professional cleanout crew will take care of junk removal in Pittsburgh Metro and surrounding areas so you can recover from tenant damage or previous occupant clutter. We remove junk. We remove clutter. We’ll clean out your real estate property, hassle-free.

Hoarder Junk Cleanout

Hoarding Cleanouts Pittsburgh PAHoarding is an unfortunate disorder. Sometimes it requires an intervention. The hoarder often gets emotionally involved with collecting things and overwhelmed with the prospect of parting with or disposing of junk collections.

Hoarding not only creates clutter and debris. It also invites insects, rodents, and other pest invasions. There’s even the potential of mold, mildew, and bacteria from food stuffs buried within a hoarder’s home. A hoarder cleanout can be a very unpleasant (and even unsafe) job. It’s a substantial undertaking that may require professional help.

We remove hoarder collections. Our hoarder cleanout services are fast and professional, and we are respectful of the individual’s privacy and feelings. If you need cleanout services for hoarding, we will arrive on-scene to remove and haul away hoarder rubbish, debris, junk, and trash.

Count on Get Movin’ to unclutter hoarder property. Our hoarder decluttering team will do all of the heavy lifting quickly and professionally. All you have to do is make the call.

We serve all of the following (and surrounding) zip codes: Pittsburgh 15201, Pittsburgh 15203, Homewood 15208, Hill District 15219, Pittsburgh 15222, Perry South & Ross Township 15212, Oakland 15213, Beechview 15214, Squirrel Hill 15217, Wilkinsburg 15221, Lawrenceville 15224, Shadyside 15232, Pittsburgh 15260 and surrounding areas.

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