Dorm Room Cleanouts

The College Aftermath: What to Do with Leftover Furnishings

Dorm Room Cleanouts

Ahhhh…the college semester -or perhaps even your college career- at LaRoche, Duquesne, the University of Pittsburg (or wherever) is behind you.  It’s time to move on to the next thing.  Perhaps it’s to begin the job you have always wanted or merely take a break until the next semester.  Either way, it is good to know that your college dorm or apartment is now in your rear-view mirror.  However, while the bookwork might be done, there are still tasks to finish, such as cleaning out your living space.  Dorm cleanouts are bittersweet.

Depending on how long you have lived in a place, you will likely have a myriad of items accumulated. Many of which you no longer need or want. But what do you do with the detritus of college life? You may keep some textbooks and sell the others.  And perhaps you have linens or kitchenware that you plan to use in your next living space.  But what about the rest?

Cleaning out Your College Dorm or Apartment

As you walk through your college apartment or look at your dorm room, memories of fun and friendship will invade your thoughts.  It might even make it difficult to determine what to keep and what to toss.  But dorm cleanouts are not an insurmountable task if you use these tips.

  • Pittsburgh, PA Dorm Room CleanoutsAs you sort through clothing, kitchenware, furniture, etc., divide it into basic “stacks”.  Use three categories: the things you know you will keep, the useable items you won’t need, and the junk.  If you have some items that you are unsure about, create a “maybe” stack.
  • Box up the keep items first. If possible, go ahead and load those boxes into your vehicle. If not, stack them against a wall to keep them out of the way.
  • Make another run through the Maybe stack. Ask yourself why you are struggling with the decision. If the item does not bring you joy or you can’t honestly see it being used in your new place, pass it on to one of the other two stacks.
  • Once you have determined what is junk, toss it out.  If it is something that will need to be hauled off, move it to one side of the room or living space.  Deal with later.  You may even wish to team up with other friends and hire Allegheny County’s premier junk removal pros, Get Movin’, to remove all the unwanted stuff.

So, what about the useable but not needed stuff from dorm cleanouts?

  • Have a yard sale (go solo or team up with others).  Or, take advantage of Facebook Marketplace, school message boards, etc.
  • Donate it to a charity or thrift store.
  • See if anyone who will be there next year can use it.
  • Avoid the hassle altogether and have Get Movin’ Moving & Storage pick it up, haul it away, sort it, and donate or dispose of it for you.

Once you have made the final walk-through of your home away from home, contact a moving company to handle any junk removal. In the Pittsburgh, PA area, the pros at Get Movin’ have the tools and people power needed to pick up and haul away the parts of college living you no longer need.  And, if you have items to store until next semester, or perhaps until you get set up in your new place, Get Movin’ offers storage facilities that are safe and spacious.


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